Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Sweetest Girl

Back to my storeroom cum office after my lunch break on Sunday, 21st June. A large sized paperback was hanging on the doorknob and my name was written on it. My immediate thought was, "Yiiippeee! Present from my guest...who?" I peeked into that bag like a curious kitty and saw a bunch of "long beans". Mangrove seedlings! and little note that read:

"This is Amnah, (you took me for a tour yesterday and a nature walk). I found these seeds on the beach, in the water and I would like you to have them for your project. I will keep the two found at the mangrove and grow them. I will send you pictures of their process when the leef, etc. progress. - Amnah (Thx for everything) :)"

Such a sweet young girl about 12 years old from India and now residing in Singapore. I'm so glad that Mother Nature has opened up her heart and soul towards appreciating simple things in life.
What makes this job a rewarding one is when you know that the education has reached someone and the purpose achieved. This would be one of my best moments in this line of duty.

Well, Amnah, the seeds you have saved are now being kept alive in containers with water until they are release into the wild. All the best to you and I wish that you will become someone that would advocate and protect our natural heritage someday.

You have to open yourself to natural spectacle, but willing it to happen is a difficult as willing yourself to fall in love. Like a child, you have to be empty of expectation, have to possess eyes that see and ears that hear. It takes practise, like anything. - Jerry Dennis; The River Home.

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