Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Odd among the Common

The breakfast area was often "attacked" by Common Mynas (Acridotheres tristis) and Eurasian Tree Sparrows (Passer montanus). Whenever a plate of scraps was left unattended, these birds would come feasting on the plate. Along side with the mynas and sparrows, there is another unusual bird that followed along as scavenger. This solo birdie was spotted at the breakfast area since more than a week ago.

This solo bird is an escapee. In order to survive, it doesn't mind to be "weird one" among the group. And the group of mynas didn't mind it's company either. I was told that in some culture, it is believe that this kind of bird brings good luck to the owner. No wonder they are often put in the cage.
Though this is a common bird in the cage and yet I couldn't find this bird in my bird book. Can anyone assist to identify this pretty bird? Thanks.


  1. It's a budgie.

  2. Thank you, Teck Wyn for the name.
    Another "lifer" for me...hahahahahha..

  3. Hi;
    It looks like the Budgerigar Melopsittacus undulatus, common cage birds from Australia, Tasmania.

    Heard from Seng that Langkawi has formed a MNS branch and you're on the committee.. Congratulations and three cheers for volunteering.

    Will be off to Camerons for birding this weekend!

  4. Must be an escapee pet! a jail break!
    Poor thing, hope she can survive.

    A fourth cheer from Klang too!
    All da best!

  5. Hi Birds Talking Too
    No-lah... he didn't have a long life of freedom. maybe he is absolutely free now from this world full of suffering and despair...


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