Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little Budgerigar - RIP

I went back to the breakfast area today to look for this little birdie.
Please look at this link for picture:
The server told me that this little Budgerigar was found dead about couple of weeks ago in the guest restroom. Such a pity. It was always the attraction for the guests at the breakfast area. Wonder if it was happier being in the cage where there are bountiful of food, warm and comfort? There is always a price to pay for freedom. Nothing is free in this world.
Having said that, I'm reflecting on this to myself. Yes, I was in a fantastic comfort zone while I was still in the IT banking sector before switching to this industry. Yes, there is freedom. Freedom to pursue my passion and yes, I have to pay a price for it. Huge paycut, smaller perks and less budget for travelling. Thankfully, unlike the little Budgerigar which was meant to be a caged bird and I wasn't destined to be "caged". Yet, I'm still searching for that specific freedom...

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