Saturday, August 8, 2009

Over here... Kitty, Kitty

What in the world is that animal doing here inLangkawi? I couldn't believe it until M showed me the images she has taken. One of our favourite hobbies is to "slither" away into nice looking trails to take pictures or simply to explore. The famous proverb "Curiosity kills the cat" but M's curiosity found a cat! And is not some ordinary cat!

The cat was hidden behind some bushes on the trail. She managed to sneak quietly behind the bushes and caught the images. M's first thought when she noticed the chain was "Oh Shit.."

The interesting part was it has a short metal chain around it's neck. Attached to the short metal chain was a thin piece of nylon looking rope. Nylon looking rope! Can that hold such super strength tiger?? And the best part was the tiger was not in the cage!

What if that thin rope snapped? Whooaaahhahhhaa... tourists for dinner? Is next to Telaga Tujuh anyway and is peak season now. Sorry, I cannot review the exact location here. Because only M knows.

These questions came into our mind. Who brought the tiger here? How did it pass through the Jabatan Kastam? Any permit to allow that? And why that permit was allowed? How long has it been there!?

M made a call to Perhilitan today and was told that this tiger has a permit to be here and CAGED! What? Why? Why? Well, they said they will check.
The island is not capable to have a zoo to house this poor little tiger! Why allowed such permit? Bloody irresponsible "tong-tong people"!

First was the little Jumbo at the Langkawi cable car Oriental Village and now a huge Kitty next to the Oriental Village. What in the world these "tong-tong brain" people are thinking? Money sucking into their pockets, of course! What if the tiger escapes and starts preying into the kampungs for the cows? Also, what the tourists would think of us when Malaysia preached about tiger conservation.

Anyone wants to bet which park this tiger is going to next? How can we send this tiger back to where it belongs - into the wild?

Thank you very much to M for sharing her images.


  1. Whadda heck? Is this tiger a Malaysian species?
    Why do the Gormen says something and do another. I tell you, we got 'dickheads' as Gormen officers everywhere. Just do not know the difference between an arm and an as*sehole!
    Just leave da poor thing in the wilds.
    Like I mentioned earlier, they should bought eggs of the 'DoDo' bird and hatch it to make money!Ha!Ha! Damn dumbos!
    Cheers and Regards from Klang.

  2. Well it shouldn't take a tiger expert to know that the tigers belong to the wild because there will always be those individuals who feel they can benefit in any form to have such wildlife in their possession. Perhilitan must be covering such person who is willing to go through a lot just to keep this poor tiger. Let's hope that this tiger will be able to go back to its' habitat, and I salute to M for taking those images and also to you for raising this issue.

  3. I received some responses to my email that I sent out to Malaysian Nature Society Langkawi chapter. One of them said that this Kitty was there for over one month and is for show at the Oriental Inn Village. Is the same owner that owns the elephants at the cable car village. The email also mentioned that the Kitty was a gift from Perhilitan! Wow... some awesome gift! How true is it?
    FYI, LADA is the organisation that is managing the Oriental village.

  4. On top of all that, these ppl only got/received permit for one single animal, denying them of a partner... dun blame them if they would run amok on of these days... perhaps injuring or may even cause casualties then guess what? The animal will end up being 'punished' i.e. killed even perhaps... whose at fault in the first place...!? sometimes u wonder why some people together with 'their' authorities can be so self centered and 'bodoh'?

  5. Can we take this people to the hands of law (if it works) for keep such a "pet"? It would be nice to know who and why did Perhilitan approve of such permit for such purpose. Let's hope Kitty will have a real home where s/he belongs truly, in the jungles of Malaya.

    Pls keep us up to date on this. Thanks for highlighting this.

  6. :-D ha ha ! u are right , buddy !
    i just hoped the little kitty Can be saved by the mycat group !
    Our perhilitan Department IS also bloody corupted wan...
    simply issuing licenses for these Tigers To their selected VIP's connected ppl !
    The MACC should Checked THAT department !!!
    i believed lots of money were involved through the years !
    Thats why our Tigers population been dwindlelin' these 20 years !
    BLOODY Fuckin Corrupted Officials ... especially the Head ie the Director of Penhilitan!!!

  7. This is a sight to wonder. Not just a tiger in Langkawi, also the fact a single tiger ended up in a resort. The place having a permit is not a wonder for obvious reasons (money, politics & some serious ass-kissing).
    Local authorities (the body that manages the wildlife issues 'wink wink', media (major high circulated English newpapers 'wink wink')are in it for the money & politics & again some more serious ass kissing. Based on facts from insiders this tiger was brought into Malaysia as an illegal cub with another one by a very well known (especially in the US) wildlife dealer.
    So, friends, if you want to set things right & put the kitty where it belong, please read & get some friends from outside to make a lot of noise through big actual wildlife organisations so as to get the local authorities to actually do their work instead of worshipping other peoples' backside which I strongly believe is not in their job scopes. Do this for the kitty.

  8. Don't just speak.... You people should really read up on how to conserve rather than just talk. Tame animal cannot return to the wild. Sometimes, we have to hear both sides of stories before we make any remark. Thanks.

  9. Anonymous Oct 24th,
    True enough that tame animal cannot be returned to the wild especially the tiger you got there. Please return your tame tiger to where it belongs, the Peninsula Malaysia a.k.a mainland. Langkawi does not need another non-native animal for display particularly in oriental village.

    Rather than you are now talking or venting out, would you like to share some light on this with all of us?


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