Thursday, August 20, 2009

Odonata Expert In Langkawi

Someone that I know here who is so crazy about odonata goes "hunting" for them where ever she is and whenever she has the opportunities to do so.

Want to know more about odonatas particularly the species in Langkawi?
What is odonata?
What is so special about odonata?
If you want the answers to the above questions, simply click on this link:

I personally like the species Rhyothemis phyllis as shown in the Mandy's pictures gallery. It looked like a mutation of a butterfly to an odonata or vice versa...?
Hey Mandy, can you help id this odonata too? This pretty odonata in red skirt was taken in Templer's Park, Selangor. Lady in red or maybe is a male :)


  1. Oy! Not expert. Just learning and still learning lah! Maybe the only one that crazy about it in Langkawi! haha

    It is from the genus Lyriothemis for sure. What is the size? Any more pics with good shot of wings? The expert is Choong of UKM...

    Nice pics you've got there! ;-)


  2. Perfect person to ask.. why does the ordonata flipped drops of water from a rain-puddle... to various directions in a 180 degrees coverage?.. same red ordonato doing it after a short catching game with another.

  3. Oy Mandy;
    Got a question from Itch Is Back. Interesting question. Can you answer him please?

    I got a question too. So that picture of genus Lyriothemis is a male or female? the lengthwise was about 10-12cm, tip of head to tip of tail. These two are the best pic of that Lyriothemis, the other two are blurry. My cam is not as "canggih" as yours-mah...

    Thanks for the id ;)

  4. In answer to The Itch Is Back: if you saw them playing catch and not a skirmish between the males, then a good chance the male and female have mated.

    What you saw was possibly the female laying her eggs in the water by dipping the tip of her abdomen in the water so the eggs would be washed away. In some species the female flip the eggs away from her, then dipping and flipping in various directions to make splashes to attract the attention of small fishes so they'll miss the eggs and the eggs have better chances of sinking to the bottom and eventually hatch. Otherwise, the eggs might end up being fish food.

    As for your dragonfly pic, for such a large size, it could possibly be the Lyriothemis magnificata, male. Largest of the red dragonflies!


  5. Prof Ordonata;
    Interesting behaviour watch. i shall pay attention to that next time.

    How does a female Lyriothemis magnificata look like?


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