Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tanjung Rhu Beach Access Is Now Open

The gate was opened since four days ago and there will still be security guards on that spot. The guard on duty on that day was welcoming. Just tell them your intention of entering the area and then smile...
That day was on a spring tide and the lowest tide for the morning was 0.02m. A perfect tide condition for us to walk on the sand bar to the island opposite Tanjung Rhu Resort.

I love this intertidal walk on Tanjung Rhu simply because each time when I am there, I see different things. On that morning, we were able to witness some local fishermen dragging out the net from the sand bar displaying their harvest.

The man on the left with a knife was stabbing on a stingray. He then dragged the ray aside before slashing its tail off.

A species of stingray family
A species of Leatherjack (family Monacanthidae)
A couple of squid and a ray with chopped off tail
My guests felt sorry for the tiny fishes and started to pick them up to chuck them back into the water
There were other variety of fishes that I couldn't recognise and I have not seen them before. Most of the species of fishes caught were at juvenile size and yet they were taken by the locals. I am sure you will agree with me should we talk about sustainable fishing.
As you leave Tanjung Rhu beach and exit through the barricade, remember to wave your hand to the guard on duty as a gesture of thanks. You will make them feel special. Having to stand there on duty can be boring.

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Blessed Christmas

It is a blessing having to see them on my Christmas Day

It is like a gift from Santa Claus

A blessed Christmas to all my blog followers and readers

Greetings from Dreamer
Dreaming of Pandora Forest

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tanjung Rhu Beach Access Is Now Closed

When the construction of this guard house started sometime this month, I was wondering of its purpose there. It was setup by Tanjung Rhu Resort at the exit junction of the resort. But, why was it built at the exit junction?
Do you notice a group of people on motorbikes? They are the boat operators waiting for the tourists that have made the bookings for boat rides. They have to wait at the gate so that they can bring the tourists in.

The red sign on the Casuarina tree stated very clearly, "This is a private land and access to the beach is granted conditionally and can be revoked at any time". To everyone's surprise especially the local community, the beach access was revoked today and without much notice.


The gate leading to the one of the most beautiful beaches of Langkawi is now temporary closed to public from December 24th until the issues are resolved. 

I was informed by one of the local boatman that some of the local communities here has encroached into the private property of Tanjung Rhu resort. About a few months ago, a huge number of Casuarina trees were brought down and a certain amount of the area was cleared by these local communities. This area was likely cleared to extend the boat operator counters and to improvise the jetty condition.

Unfortunately, these trees were planted by Tanjung Rhu resort and they were cut by these locals without prior permission from the resort. As such, it is the pay back time for these local communities for their foolish act. Personally, I wasn't pleased at all with the number of trees been cut. It has made that spot exposed to heat and an eye sore to the visitors.

Tanjung Rhu Resort was definitely not pleased with the acts of these local communities and this is the way to show the locals that it is enough.

There was another source which I heard that the land apparently was taken by the Government and the locals thought they have the rights to clear the area. All this while, the jetty for these boat operators are sitting on Tanjung Rhu Resort property. There is a land dispute going on here.

And of course, these locals are not happy at all. Those affected would be the boat operators stationed at Tanjung Rhu jetty, shop owners, stall and restaurant owners. The beach today was awfully quiet.

Access to Tanjung Rhu area is still possible provided bookings were made to authorised boat operators at the jetty. Permission is required at the guard house to enter.

Wow... what a timing to close the access road to this beautiful beach especially when it is the peak season for all on the island.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Langkawi Recycled Tree House Project

The team will arrive Langkawi tomorrow from Penang. They will be arm with tools like drills, chisel, hammer and nails to show LADA and Khazanah that they can also develop Langkawi... in a tiny meaningful way. All for the good to create environmental awareness and education.

Who is the leader of the pack? Aida! My the other nature kaki. And this time, she is back with a few others for this mission. This project has been toying in Aida's mind for the past couple of years. And it is before year 2011 ends, she and her team of passionate people will make it happen!

Where is the project location?

All the best to the team! I will be there to help if my work here does not get in the way.

Volunteers from all walks of life are welcome to participate. Best if you can bring along or contribute any used or recyclable materials to build this treehouse. Those who are interested to volunteer or contribute, can contact Aida at 019-2831186 or email her at

To read more, click here

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Violation from Langkawi Municipal Council (MPLBP)

My task for tonight was to spend some time digging some information about Langkawi's current blueprint which was officially launched last week. For I didn't have the opportunity to attend that launching of the blueprint, a copy was eventually passed to me.  A poster was accompanied with the copy of the blueprint illustrating the draft plan to give Cenang Beach (Pantai Cenang) a new facelift. There were information on getting the draft report, some forms and further details of the draft can be viewed at or

I chose the first link which is to the website of Langkawi Municipal Council. And what did I find while browsing through?

As the slides began to display images of Langkawi, another image appeared after "Pantai Cenang" had got my jaw dropped and I felt my blood started to boil. That image looked very much familiar. An image that was created by ME with MY montage. I was shocked to see this:

Can you see my blog header montage? Also, can you see how the webmaster removed my image description by overwriting with these words, "Appreciate Langkawi's Nature Assests"?

The MPLBP webmaster did not ask for my permission to use that picture. And the worse part was this webmaster did not even bother to put photo credit or put a link to my blog.  This shows the professional level of this webmaster who was hired by a government organisation. 

My pictures may not be the best in comparison to other photographers and this doesn't mean they have the rights to steal my montage. I am not surprise if the rest of the images displaying the landscape of Langkawi could have been taken from someone's website or flicker and the webmaster did the same cheeky way of overwriting the original description.

Without wasting much time, I wrote an email to the web administrator and the head of MPLBP, En Zabudin bin Hat, demanding them to remove my image immediately from their website. I shall see what happens next and how soon they respond.

The webmaster engaged by MPLBP lacks the creativity, demonstrated zero professionalism and the best part was it is representing an important government organisation that supports Langkawi's tourism industry.

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