Saturday, December 17, 2011

Violation from Langkawi Municipal Council (MPLBP)

My task for tonight was to spend some time digging some information about Langkawi's current blueprint which was officially launched last week. For I didn't have the opportunity to attend that launching of the blueprint, a copy was eventually passed to me.  A poster was accompanied with the copy of the blueprint illustrating the draft plan to give Cenang Beach (Pantai Cenang) a new facelift. There were information on getting the draft report, some forms and further details of the draft can be viewed at or

I chose the first link which is to the website of Langkawi Municipal Council. And what did I find while browsing through?

As the slides began to display images of Langkawi, another image appeared after "Pantai Cenang" had got my jaw dropped and I felt my blood started to boil. That image looked very much familiar. An image that was created by ME with MY montage. I was shocked to see this:

Can you see my blog header montage? Also, can you see how the webmaster removed my image description by overwriting with these words, "Appreciate Langkawi's Nature Assests"?

The MPLBP webmaster did not ask for my permission to use that picture. And the worse part was this webmaster did not even bother to put photo credit or put a link to my blog.  This shows the professional level of this webmaster who was hired by a government organisation. 

My pictures may not be the best in comparison to other photographers and this doesn't mean they have the rights to steal my montage. I am not surprise if the rest of the images displaying the landscape of Langkawi could have been taken from someone's website or flicker and the webmaster did the same cheeky way of overwriting the original description.

Without wasting much time, I wrote an email to the web administrator and the head of MPLBP, En Zabudin bin Hat, demanding them to remove my image immediately from their website. I shall see what happens next and how soon they respond.

The webmaster engaged by MPLBP lacks the creativity, demonstrated zero professionalism and the best part was it is representing an important government organisation that supports Langkawi's tourism industry.


  1. I wonder how much they pay the webmaster/vendor to do this job? I would officially send a letter to make a complain.

  2. Hi Suzanna Chan,
    A vendor receiving a contract from the government is usually lucrative. However, their quality of the product is questionable.

    Thanks for your comments.

  3. Print screen now and track the activities. Then sue them and get compensated, before they take down the pictures.

  4. Hi Suzanna,
    Have done the print screen. Will give them a chance to respond to my email.

  5. Webmaster accountable...very unprofessional. It's quite possible...still in High School (not kidding)
    Oh...and well said Bill! :)

  6. OMG! They haven't taken it down yet, as of today.

  7. Hi Suzanna,
    Many thanks for following up. As how government works, we all know. They didn't respond to my email obviously.

    I need a lawyer for advise on my next course of action. Are you able to recommend any that is into cyber law and intellectual property?

  8. My montage was finally taken off their website after going to their office and spoke to the administrator personally. The lady in-charged took immediate action and within a week, it was taken off. The webmaster is a local company based in alor setar.


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