Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tanjung Rhu Beach Access Is Now Open

The gate was opened since four days ago and there will still be security guards on that spot. The guard on duty on that day was welcoming. Just tell them your intention of entering the area and then smile...
That day was on a spring tide and the lowest tide for the morning was 0.02m. A perfect tide condition for us to walk on the sand bar to the island opposite Tanjung Rhu Resort.

I love this intertidal walk on Tanjung Rhu simply because each time when I am there, I see different things. On that morning, we were able to witness some local fishermen dragging out the net from the sand bar displaying their harvest.

The man on the left with a knife was stabbing on a stingray. He then dragged the ray aside before slashing its tail off.

A species of stingray family
A species of Leatherjack (family Monacanthidae)
A couple of squid and a ray with chopped off tail
My guests felt sorry for the tiny fishes and started to pick them up to chuck them back into the water
There were other variety of fishes that I couldn't recognise and I have not seen them before. Most of the species of fishes caught were at juvenile size and yet they were taken by the locals. I am sure you will agree with me should we talk about sustainable fishing.
As you leave Tanjung Rhu beach and exit through the barricade, remember to wave your hand to the guard on duty as a gesture of thanks. You will make them feel special. Having to stand there on duty can be boring.

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