Monday, December 19, 2011

Langkawi Recycled Tree House Project

The team will arrive Langkawi tomorrow from Penang. They will be arm with tools like drills, chisel, hammer and nails to show LADA and Khazanah that they can also develop Langkawi... in a tiny meaningful way. All for the good to create environmental awareness and education.

Who is the leader of the pack? Aida! My the other nature kaki. And this time, she is back with a few others for this mission. This project has been toying in Aida's mind for the past couple of years. And it is before year 2011 ends, she and her team of passionate people will make it happen!

Where is the project location?

All the best to the team! I will be there to help if my work here does not get in the way.

Volunteers from all walks of life are welcome to participate. Best if you can bring along or contribute any used or recyclable materials to build this treehouse. Those who are interested to volunteer or contribute, can contact Aida at 019-2831186 or email her at

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