Friday, July 17, 2009

She is Old Yet Classic

I found her sitting on the dusty area together with the "oldies". It wasn't easy to find her among the hundreds that were sitting silently and staring back at you. She is slim and old looking yet young at heart. When I allowed her to open up, I witnessed her underlining words were treated importantly and no secrets hidden. Everything about a simple thing that needed to be explained at that time was laid out. And yes, I found her. Though she is old as she was born in the year 1964 and yet she is classic. And she will be one that will widen my knowledge. She is... new old book that I found in a bookstore that is selling used books. This book, "PLANTS AT WORK" was written by Dr F.C Steward. Best of all, though it was published in year 1964, I would say the condition inside was still good eventhough some pages are coming off and traces of termites' bite marks. This book was probably used as a text book then.
The shop is located on 3rd floor of Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya. Funny thing is that this shop is next to a brand new bookshop "BookXcess". I can't recall if this shop has a signboard or not. All I can recall is the look of the shop from the outside is messy, narrow walkway, disorganised, and overloaded with novel books. To find the one you want, would take lots of patience and time.
A little diversion, BookXcess also sells reasonable priced books. Much cheaper than Kinokuniya and MPH. However, choices may be limited. And also, there's a shop that sells lowered price past issues magazines from RM9.90. I got February 09 - April 09 issues of National Geographic, Discovery and Wildlife magazines with the priced of RM9.90! They are having promotion for 3 National Geographic mag for RM24.90 but limited choices for Nat Geo. This shop, ReIssued Magazines is located on the 2nd floor of Amcorp Mall.
"Plants at Work" is a serious technical book for plant lovers and a good source of information for a non-botanist-and-hope-to-be like me. Hope that I will understand the chemistry.
She just need some binding, a little touch up and she will be good as new.

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