Monday, June 8, 2009

Mangroves Planting after the 3rd

Tide level on 31st May 2009 was about 2.30m and a hot afternoon. At this level, these creatures came nearer to the shore to play.

A mudskipper resting at a pole (top) and Fiddler crabs (uca vocan sp, bottom pic) fighting for that one mud hole.

I expected these fiddler crabs to shut their burrow by then. Instead some of them quickly moved into the thick mud and sank in. They were really cute. It was fun seeing them covered themselves with the mud and with their antenna eyes sticking out.

Planters of the day: Aida & See. Is great to have a high tide at this area, so we can clean ourselves up after the planting. This time we planted the seedlings with the visible roots. Read

The soft mud is a lot thicker as compared to other planting days. The swift current has washed up the silt during the spring tide. As I scanned the area for our previous seedlings, I was upset that 80% of the previous planting has gone. I couldn't even find my babies Ceriops Tagal & Brugeira Parviflora together with the 9 "bodyguards". This area is crazy. The current and waves are very strong. At some point, I just thought if I should give up this place. Before I would actually do that, I will give another attempt or strategy, which will be planting nearer to the beach. However the ground is so much hardier. Days later, we consulted Seng, environmental engineering from FrangiPangi Resort, Langkawi. He had a look via Google Earth and suggested that is a current washing from the river mouth. Therefore, we should move our planting further away. However the direct strong wind and current from the open sea is inevitable. Hmmm... sigh...
Oh well, as a reward to ourselves at the end of each planting session, we always look forward to a glass of ice cold sirap selasih at Warung Pais...slurp... This refreshing drink looks like tadpoles eggs in watery blood. Selasih is basil.
Thanks to Aida for ordering this drink.

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