Monday, June 8, 2009

A "Suspender" suspending on a branch

Someone pointed this to me and what I thought it was a huge black suspender hanging off the branch. As I got closer... woooowooowwww! This is amazing! Being a city homosapien, I have not seen such a huge congregation before.

A black "suspender" suspending on a branch. Is almost a meter wide and half a meter lengthwise.

Yellow "bumble-bee" like. Thousands of them.

These pictures were taken on a hot afternoon on June 6th 2009. Any bees expert out there who can help me identify what species of this bee?


  1. Hey, Should be the Giant Honey Bee or Apis dorsata, if I'm correct.


  2. How big was this, estimate width and height? Thought you would go climb up the tree and measure it will a stormtrooper gear.

  3. Hi M;
    Thank you for the ID. Yes, those should be the Giant Honey Bee.

    Hi The Itch is Back;
    The estimated measurement is stated on my blog. The branch was about 6 foot tall; slightly taller than me. I'm amazed that they built that nest that low. Usually is very high up a tree for eg. tualang.
    Here's an interesting clip (BBC Sir Attenbourough)from YouTube posted to me by Aida.
    Enjoy the clip :)

    The best :)


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