Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Old Temurun Waterfall

It has been raining for almost twenty four hours now. Drizzled, rained, stopped for awhile, rained, drizzled and over again. I simply love days like this because such days do not come often. 

A rainy day as such will perform magical and special effects on one of my favorite waterfall  which is accessible by the public. 
Temurun Waterfall at its BEST this afternoon
How is Temurun Waterfall like in the dry season?

Pictures taken in March 2010. Month of March is still the dry season

In March 2010, contractors invaded this waterfall by constructing these ugly dams

Temurun Waterfall last year (22 August 2010):

Today at Temurun Waterfall
Lots of water!!

Monstrous water coming down! Do not underestimate the power of water
I had to do this very quickly. I was drenched by standing in front of the water for less than 10 seconds to take this picture. The tremendous wind it generated was so cool!
Dare to swim in this pool, anyone?
Temurun Watefall as seen from Datai Road

Temurun at its best and certainly the best time to visit. I observed that this waterfall area is at its cleanest during the fasting month. Better come soon to enjoy this waterfall before the festive season begins next week. When those picnickers return and so the rubbish as well.

Langkawi gets more sunny hot days than rainy days like this. I wonder why people get gloomy, upset and moaning over such wonderful day. 


  1. Hopefully during this weekend its still heavy water link the above..

  2. Hi Anaklangkawi,
    May not be because the hot sunny days are back :(

    Wish for more rain-la... then this waterfall is a beauty!

  3. i come!!

    1. Hi Anonymous Jan 28th,
      Are you coming at this time? No! not yet! It is dry like a bone now as it is dry season. Come after May for this waterfall.


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