Friday, April 8, 2011

Tang's Thoughts On Plastic Bags

The "NO PLASTIC BAGS" fever was on the island recently and coincidentally, I stumbled upon one of my birdwatching mates who shared his amazing drawings to us via Facebook.

These are two of his tons of amusing and entertaining cartoons that he drew. 
Err... this method would probably work for guys only, Tang?

Click below for the second picture. 

Do you see that small symbol "TTH"? Yup, that is his initial and copyright. Tang Tuck Hong is his name and he is also an enthusiast birder. Tang is a volunteer and facilitator for Birdwatching course conducted by the Malaysian Nature Society Selangor Bird Group. 

I met Tang about about four years ago in Fraser's Hills on a birdwatching course and that was where he demonstrated to us on how to sketch birds on our notebook. 

Man, I love your creative drawings! You reminded me of my much younger years when I was drawing cartoons. However, I was much better in drawing stick figures!

Thank you so much for allowing to share your pictures in my blog. You are my cartoonist idol!


  1. Good one bro.. :) especially the 2nd one..

  2. Hi Anaklangkawi,
    Tang is amazing, isn't it? Glad you had a good laugh of those drawings like I did!

  3. Good job, TTH! A cartoonist is a special breed.

  4. Hi Keats The Sunshine Girl;
    I'm glad you love it too! A special species - I agree. TTH has lots lots more of his cartoon to amuse us.


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