Monday, April 11, 2011

Rain, Rain Come Again

I love the rain!

It is a therapeutic effect for me when the island goes through a period of distinct dry spell. I will also speak for the other small wildlife especially the insects, frogs and spiders that will be rejoicing for the coming of the rain. 

The driest month of the year will always be February. In the month of March 2011, Langkawi received a higher rainfall as compared to the previous year. The best moment for this year's rain so far was two weeks ago when it rained constantly for three days! Yopppeeee! During those three days, I was on board a ship which was anchored somewhere off Pulau Tuba when that area was hit with strong wind and massive rainfall. The wind and rain did slow down at some point before their peak performance continued. It was an endurance rain!

When the weather calmed down, we walked on the deck and saw lots of terns flying around the ship hunting for those small fishes nearby. It was interesting to watch them fighting the rain and wind just to hunt, "Cari makan"-ma...

We were lucky to spot a tern at a very close below for more pictures...

As the rain and the wind got heavier, we moved into the saloon. Peering through the window, a young tern was exhausted and decided to perched on the gunwale. It was there for more than 20 minutes and of course, allowing us to click our cameras away.

A young Onychoprion genus closed its eyes from the rain drops

This young Onychoprion genus opened its eyes as it sensed some audience

Apart from the therapeutic effect, the rain also sparked life to other flora. And this flora is one of my favorites...

White Slipper Orchid (Paphiopedilum Niveum)

The blossom of Paphiopedilum Niveum usually starts slightly later of the year. However, this one here I have found a week ago has blossomed. Yeah!

After the three victorious rainy days, the dry spell has taken control again. The temperature reached between 38C-40C, so so hot and sunny. As such, I am going back to my teenage years of humming the song to welcome the rain..

Rain, Rain Come Again
Never ever
Go Away...

... and of course, this part "Never ever Go Away..." never happens. I just hate the dry spell.
After the rain - Love those clouds on my favorite mountain, Gunung Raya


  1. Yippee! The rain returned this evening - finally, I'm energized!

  2. As a nature photographer, rain is always a beautiful sight! (I know many Malaysians will disagree!)

    After the rains, the rainforest and streams will spring into life-the fresh leaves, captivating flower blooms, the cacophony of frogs calling, drops of rainwater dripping around from the canopy above and yes, the slime trail up the tree trunk always leads me to wonderful snails! ;)

    Simply beautiful to experience spring every so often at the tropics!

  3. Only for a short period but it is still rain and it is great! Especially if it rains during the night!

  4. Hi JK,
    I as a Malaysian... agree with you!

    Hi M,
    Hope you will enjoy Sabah and may there be more rain than here.


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