Friday, April 22, 2011

A Perfect Daily Ritual - Earth Day

Peeping through the window of my concrete wall
Where the sunlight creeps through the gap of the solid wall
Watching the greeneries and the daily perfect ritual for me
Would be greeting the trees of life that stand tall in front of me
These big trees may be our awe and admiration
However, even a small and shy plant like this also desires our attention
Do you think that we are the only ones that perform the perfect ritual?
Go see how a happy bird greets the day by flapping its wing to do its perfect ritual  
Standing amidst the rainforest,
It is a gentle reminder for us that no matter how big and smart we think we are, 
In fact, what a tiny wee speck of creatures crawling on Earth we are...
Do you think life is full of waste?
Yes, sometimes because we are the ones that produced that whole lot of waste
Go watch a dung beetle
Isn't it delightful to see it happily rolls the shit 
and helps to keep the surrounding neat?
Do you think our life is complex?
Yes, at times. 
Go stare and wonder at the web of life 
That interconnects with the entire network of our Earth's living force
Which one is more complex?
From this moment and till the day I die
I want to savour all these moments
Even if my spirit is soaring high in the sky
I still want to savour all these moments

HAPPY EARTH DAY today and everyday to my fellow readers and blog followers!

I love this bit taken from James Cameron's Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide written by Maria Wilhelm and Dirk Mathison:

"The armies of greed lay waste to the Earth and all its creatures. In our hunger for energy-for more and more-we've devastated our planet. We're neck-deep in festering industrial muck, in a trash heap of ever-expanding waste and decay. Overpopulation, overdevelopment, nuclear terrorism, environmental warfare, radiation leakage from power plants and waste dumps, toxic runoff, air pollution, deforestation, global warming, ozone depletion, loss of biodiversity through extinction... our once blue-green and beauteous Earth is now a terminal cesspool - an oozing wound cut deep into the face of the universe. Dollar for dollor (Ringgit for Ringgit), we've bought our extinction." - Avatar, An Activist Survival Guide book


  1. Happy Earth Day! Let us enjoy the beauties given us, help to preserve. Greed only destroys.

  2. Love your blog entry for earth day ... love the poetic sound of it and the ending with excerpts from Avatar !!! Love it to bits!!!


  3. Hi Keats,
    Happy Earth Day to you too!

    Hi Rowena,
    Thank you, please continue reading...


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