Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jelly Photo Released

Finally, the picture of the mysterious notorious looking jellyfish caught on the night operation is now publish on my blog. What you are seeing here is the blob scooped up with its long tentacles. The speed of our boat seemed slow to us but a little too fast for jellyfish catching. Due to the momentum and our lack of experience, most of its tentacles broke off. 

Here is the picture of the entire blob...

A look at this picture, one can guess which family of this blob belongs to.

Unfortunately, this jelly did not survive more than eight hours because it was in captivity in a tight enclosure and stressed out. We learnt later than we should have proper facilities in which we didn't have to keep the jellyfish alive longer. 

LADA arranged another meeting with some of the players in the industry together with the marine experts. The marine experts will not confirm the exact species of this jellyfish until a DNA test is done. Is it possible to retrieve any tissues from a frozen jellyfish when it is composed of more than 90% water?


  1. Looks like a jelly mould alright! Good work on the night operation.

  2. Hi Keats The Sunshine Girl,
    This reminds me... Sumi jelly manis... Sumi jelly masam.. hmmm yum..


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