Monday, August 30, 2010

Banana In Paradise

That day was my first time appreciating the beautiful inflorescences revealed out of a banana heart. This wonderful herb that many of us eat almost daily is indeed pretty from the beginning.
I also realised I was not the only one attracted to these pretty flowers.

Who else then?

The wasps and ants of course! The pollinators.
Banana in paradise
Wasps. Can you spot a red ant near the tiny yellow flowers?

More visitors!
The more I admire it, I started to reflect on us, the homosapiens. From babies, we are always cute and pretty attracting lots of admirers. Then as we grew older, we became like a bunch of bananas.

There is a proverb that I came across: 
"Man is like a banana: when he leaves the bunch, he gets skinned." - Proverb

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