Wednesday, August 18, 2010

9th and Final

28th June 2010. Long overdue post, I know. This day was my 9th time mangroves planting on Kuala Melaka with me, myself and I. It was a cloudy evening and the storm seemed to be approaching. At the site, I was amazed with condition of the mudflat. 

It was SANDY!!

How the mudflat looked like last year?

Nice clean mirror-like beach... Don't be deceived or you may...
Be stuck at knee deep!

Another amazing event. The mudflat was clean! Let's make a comparison. Here is the picture below taken in first week of June, our 8th planting with Mandy.
These were the rubbish at the edge of the water. Take note at the circle on the picture. That was a beach deck chair. Wonder what happened to that chair? Read on...

And this picture below was taken on this day, 9th planting.
Mudflat turned sandy beach, swept clean! Cleaning away those mangroves seedlings as well.

Yes, a beach swept clean by the strong surfs and waves of course. The strength of the waves pushed that deck chair further in land.
The deck chair from a resort somewhere has finally found its new home. Together with other trash knocking down most of the mangroves seedlings.
More trash!

When I was about to begin planting, some domestic wildlife came and greeted me. Oh gosh... they came trotting along and stomping on some of the seedlings.
Calves trotting by

I cannot recall exactly how many seedlings I had planted on this day. Probably between 40 to 50 of the Rhizophora Apiculata propagules.

Observing the challenges faced by these young Rhizophora seedlings since our first planting and staggered site visits, I have to submit to reality that this place is incredibly impossible. Perhaps, my friend, Chew was right. Only Avicennia genus or perhaps Sonneratia are the only ones that can survive.

It was also a windy evening and so the storm clouds were blown else where. I only had the drizzles and continued planting till the last one.
Last seedling going in

Good luck to this last seedling

As this will be my final planting on Kuala Melaka and so I left my footprint before leaving the site.
There is always something good that made me stopped and turned around. The fantastic wildlife...
Pacific Reef Egret (Egretta sacra) attempting to catch a mudskipper

This may be my last planting but not my last visit to my favorite "warung" that serves delicious "slurpy" Sirap Selasih, Warung Pais.

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