Thursday, May 27, 2010

To Be Anonymous or Not To Be

Dear Friends Of Langkawi's Rainforest;
A total of 193 signatures as at now and I am posting this blog since the online petition to conserve Langkawi's remaining rainforest was initiated by the Malaysian Nature Society Langkawi on 19th May 2010.

Thank you to those who had signed and put your names there. 

Did anyone notice that there were a few numbers deleted from the list of signatures?  If  not, please click on this LINK and review the list of first 150 names that signed the petition.

I was curious and asked the owner of this petition. He explained that those signatures that had been deleted were the anonymous and without names. 

Why? To avoid any argument of having more than two signatures of the same person, etc. Therefore, if you choose to remain anonymous, please do not waste your time signing this online petition otherwise it will be deleted.

I am a bit confused now. How does this work here? If someone choose not to display the name and yet have a valid email address, will the signature be included or should be included? 

The same person can put two different names on the list and how can we argue that?

I had put my real name in a few different online petitions and noticed there were a lot of other people who preferred to remain anonymous. I am beginning to think or doubt the effectiveness of online petitions.

Can anyone please share your opinion or your enlightenment?

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