Monday, May 24, 2010

Tale of Two Tigers and Two Different Fates

This is one of the activities you can do at the tiger gallery and exhibit at Oriental Village, Langkawi.

Anyone who is willing to contribute RM100 will have the opportunity to hand feed the tigeress. Would that someone wants to risk it for a RM100? Why not? They mentioned clearly that safety would not be compromised. Eh... contradiction?
I'm sure Zanah the tigeress is very much trained, tame and wouldn't mind at all. Don't you think by doing that, someone  may get the incorrect message and have a wrong impression of a tiger? 

I was told by a friend who was there recently on how Zanah performed her lunch stunt during the feeding time. Several parts of chickens were hidden and Zanah was released to sniff and find her feed. Sounds like fun?

Here is another story about a captive tiger in A'Formasa, Melaka. However, this tiger in A'Formosa was not as "glamorous" as the tigeress in Langkawi. Two friends of mine sent me this link.

A very disheartening scene to see that tiger which represented our Malaysian coat-of-arms is disgraced and humiliated. That video was recorded 3 months ago during the Chinese New Year period.  You can tell from the background music. Oh my... on the auspicious year of the Tiger. 

Do allow me to translate the short conversation recorded between the two girls spoken in Cantonese.

1st girl: "Stop videoing! What the hell for?!"
2nd girl: "Wish to let people see how they abused the tiger".
1st girl: "Lets expose them...  hahahaha"
2nd girl: "Ya-lah... let's see how A'formosa abused it".
Later, one of the girls said: "Why they can record and we can't??"

Then a male voice came in.
He said: "Oh they are the crew team."
Girl said: "I know"
He said: "They are videoing this to sell".

Later, the girls were commenting how the staff was pulling the tiger's face and whiskers. One of the girls spoke in Malay telling that staff to stop the act. Obviously he ignored and the girls were trying to educate that ignorant staff on our nation's endangered tigers population. Bravo to these two girls! 

I have no idea who these girls were but I must thank them for bringing this up to the public awareness.

When will these Perhilitan people step in and have the balls to take real actions?

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