Saturday, May 29, 2010

Out of Boredom

I was wondering why there were so many idiots in my workplace lately.

Probably this was the reason.

There were so many types of these idiots. They came in different shades, colours and having to observe them, they were quite fun to watch at times.

Besides these idiots in my workplace, the full moon on this day was awesome.  At the end of the day, I still vote for the real full moon as the best thing to observe rather than these idiots.


  1. i don't understand the postlah.


  2. Hi TC;
    It is OK if you don't, it is not meant to be understood. Just in case if you have heard of stories of some people tend to become cranky during full moon. I'm referring to my bosses at work.
    I blogged this post out of frustration at workplace. Nature always win and always better. That's all. Thanks for reading this anyway.

  3. Girl,
    Its true that the full moon makes people wacko. 30 years working in hospitals is proof enough for me. I've heard it has to do with tidal surges and the content of H2O in humans. You've heard of Lunar Madness? These pictures make me want to howl! :)

  4. ah now i understand. Like I wrote in my FB notes, I do get affected during full moon. I think I get affected by full moons and also the direction that I sleep in. hehe


  5. Hi Jungle Girl;
    Thank you for your affirmation. At least there is an expert here to prove what my amateur saying is right.

    Hi TC;
    Owww...Owww...Ooooooow!! gee... i'm curious to know. On full moon nights, do you sleep with your head pointing the moon or in an angle or your feet pointing the moon? Thanks for sharing..LOL!

  6. hahahaha..bila bulan mengambang habis semua jd meroyan..hahaha baca post tadi tu mmg tergelak besar...


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