Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Fate of Beringin Beach

While most of the tourists here are familiar with  Cenang Beach and Pantai Kok or even Tanjung Rhu beach, how many of them are aware of Beringin Beach? Not many. In fact, my neighbor who has been living on the island for all of their life, was not sure of where Beringin Beach is. 

Beringin Beach or locally known as Pantai Beringin, is located less than five kilometers from Kuah town. It is a neighbour to Westin resort, separated by a limestone hill. The beach is looking at Pulau Dayang Bunting and some parts of Bukit Malut. Pantai Beringin is only well known to a handful of local community, not a very popular beach and it is a quiet recreation spot.

Pantai Beringin looking at Pulau Bumbun Besar and Pulau Dayang Bunting

Only a small resort with chalets were once there, which was known as Beringin Beach Resort. And the first Langkawi National service camp was built next to Beringin Beach resort. At the edge of the limestone hill, there was a makeshift hut which was made as a home to a couple. 

So, what is happening to the beach now?

As time went by, Beringin Beach resort wrapped up their business and I am not sure of the reason. The national service camp was relocated to Bukit Hantu. In order not to have the structures of the national service camp go wasted on Beringin Beach, the business went on by providing budget accommodation package for groups. 

This is the beach where my friends and I would go to if we want to head out to the sea for kayaking. On the evening this week when we were there ready for another round of paddling, we were shocked to find the chalets, the old national service camp and the makeshift hut were almost demolished. 

 The remains of the old Beringin Beach Resort as at 22 July 2013

 The remains of the old National service camp as at 22 July 2013

  The remains the old National service camp as at 22 July 2013
The remains of the makeshift hut as at 22 July 2013

An elderly man was there and seemed to be clearing up the area. And so I went over to him to find out. With a very sad teary face, he told me that a private resort has bought over the land from the government. He is the one who was staying at the makeshift hut. I didn't know until now...sigh...He told me that he was staying here for more than twenty five years. Both of them have looked after the beach by cleaning up the rubbish left by the public and brought up by the high tides. He and his wife were asked to leave the place which was once their home sweet home.

And so, another public beach gone! Eaten up by resorts. Langkawi's remaining public beach are Pantai Cenang,Pantai Tengah, Pantai Pasir Tengorak (which has created an issue when people are now charged entrance fee at RM2 per pax) and the beginning of Tanjung Rhu beach. Pantai Kok is gone as well, monopolised by the resort next to it. This is happening everywhere in Malaysia. Public have to pay to enter a recreational area which was once a public spot. 
Beringin Beach will now be haunted

Many thanks, M Facer, for your photos.


  1. I think the beach still is very nice for adventure.

    1. Hi Srisahara,
      It is a very nice beach. That's why we start kayaking from there.
      This is the last chance for public to go before they bring in the construction team to develop the resort.

  2. Hey mate, I'm guessing that nice little beach is the one just next to The Westin Resort & Spa... What an isolated corner of Langkawi and honestly, even though I've stayed at Westin twice, I never knew such a beach existed!

    From your next posting, looks like Starwood's super-luxury St. Regis will open their resort at Beringin Beach... But I think no official announcement has been made yet ya, although Ssangyong Construction's banner has "St. Regis Langkawi' on it... This is because St. Regis' website has not stated the Langkawi resort in their directory as yet... :)

    1. Hi touchIPOD,
      it is official and that najib was here doing the ground breaking ceremony recently.
      Too bad you didn't get to see that nice Beringin beach before it is now taken away from the public.

    2. On top of that, the chairman of Malaysian Nature Society of Langkawi was there supporting the ground breaking ceremony. Shame on him for doing so!

  3. yep the st. regis is going to go up there, been informed that owner is the one who owns the westin also

    1. Hi Nadine,
      We know. starwood is everywhere now on the island. andaman, sheraton, four points and now, st regis. SCARY!!

  4. pleased share with me more stories about beringin beach


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