Tuesday, July 30, 2013

St Regis It Is!

This is the banner at Beringin Beach three days ago.

I had a quick chat with a local from a village nearby about this place and he said to me, "Sayang oh". Which means, "What a waste". What a waste indeed to have a beach taken 
away from the public.

And since there is nothing can be done when the land has been sold, we might as well look at things from a different perspective. The cleanliness of the beach will be looked after (provided that these contractors are not spilling in more sediments into the sea while constructing this resort). Once the resort is up and running, there will be people in near future to clean the beach everyday! More jobs will be created to clean the beach. Unlike the elderly couple who stayed there for more than two decades and they cleaned up the beach without being paid! 

The government's aim to increase more tourists coming into Langkawi and so more resorts are needed to accommodate the numbers. Actually, they want more tourists with high spending power to flock into the island and that is why more luxurious resorts are being built now. With more resorts coming up and this will mean more jobs for the locals. And so with more tourists and more development, which will mean progress for the local community here. When Langkawi is fully developed, it will be entirely different from now. It may have a new tagline, for example, "Luxuriously Langkawi" instead of "Naturally Langkawi", perhaps?

Come on folks, smile... progress and money are coming in. The government is helping and making lots of efforts to uplift the economy of Langkawi folks. The community here wants progress and they are getting it. I am sure they are thankful and grateful.  

Here are glimpses of the Beringin Beach before development takes place:

The remains of the old army barrack (ex National service camp)

Some local used to stay on the cliff. No longer now.

Does anyone wants to adopt these abandon plants like Drynaria, Mother-in-law's tongue, etc. There are Traveller's palms left behind.

If the banner is giving the true facts that St Regis will be here, then you may want to know that St Regis is under the management of Starwood hotels and resorts. You can google, please. I hereby giving  free promotion to the public for this coming five star luxurious hotel. To the tourists, keep your eyes and ears open and make sure you will be the first to book your stay here. To those tour and travel operators, go grab your opportunities! And folks, update your resume for you may find new ventures in this brand new resort.

Isn't this exciting? 

Progress is fast as they were very quick to build this guardhouse and the gate

By the way, St Regis, we do hope you will oblige to make a public pathway to access the beach because there is no such thing as a private beach. People still have rights to use the beach, you know? And I know that they will simply ignore me for I am just a small fly.

I wonder if they will change your name to something else..???


  1. Yes, there will be jobs opportunities... but will those vacancies be fill up by locals.... or those tourists on tourist visa, and not on working permit?? Not against anyone, but proven in cenang area that most of the staffs working that area are tourists! And what did our govt do abt it??

    Of course we need public beaches... and is St. Regis going to stop the public from going to the beach??

  2. Oh btw the family who stayed at the cliff is not local..they are foreigners who stayed there illegally for more than 5yrs i heard..

  3. @Anonymous Nov 10,
    It is a local who married a foreigner. So, they are still locals. They lived there more than 20 years.


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