Monday, August 27, 2012

Waiting For The Month of Peacefulness To Return

An island of serenity from July 21st till August 18th 2012 and only during the day.

People often asks me, "When is the best time to visit Langkawi"?

My immediate answer would be, "Never come to Langkawi in the month of December unless you have a bunch of kids on school holidays". 

If you are not particular in searching for food during the day, the best time to visit the island would be the fasting month or Ramadhan period, provided it does not fall in the month of December.

 Click on to pick a nature spot during that time...

Pick a nature spot. From the swampy mangroves to the Bat Caves of Kilim. From the giant slide of Seven Wells waterfall to the rocky Temurun Waterfall. And even to the gentle stream of Lubuk Semilang, one can find peacefulness and reap the best out of what nature got to offer.

My group of friends were here last month after following my advise. We practically had the whole place to ourselves on most of the nature spots we visited.

From Tasik Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden Island) on Pulau Dayang Bunting:

 We had the whole pool to ourselves!

Caught napping! The staff from the Park Ranger office took the opportunity to snooze when we were there at noon. Park rangers were hired by LADA (Langkawi Development Authority) as part of their plan in Langkawi's blue print. But these park rangers are not the qualified park rangers from the Forestry Department

Can you spot them?

To my favorite waterfall, Temurun Waterfall:

To the locals favourite picnic spot, Lubuk Semilang (Book Village):

Ramadhan period is a detox time for those who were practicing it and as well for the nature! Lesser visitors means lesser rubbish brought into the nature spots. Lesser feeding to the macaques would also mean lesser rubbish scattered all over the place. I bet Mother Nature and her dwellers can breathe much easier without all those crowds. But sadly, there were those who secretly lugged food packages into Lubuk Semilang area. They took the opportunity to eat or smoke in such area where they will not be seen or caught eating during the day. They left their trails of rubbish behind when they left the scene.

Rubbish on the rock!

One month seems long for some and really short for Mother Nature. A month has gone and humans start to "colonize" the area again. Please don't misunderstood me. I am not against humans visiting such lovely nature spots. Overcrowded places often have rubbish left behind and the impact made by some ignorant people. They have the will to bring in food which can be heavy and yet too lazy to bring out the leftovers when the weight is much lesser.
The local crowd returned after a month

I have to wait for another year for such serenity.

My advise to discerning visitors, Ramadhan period is the best time to visit Langkawi. Pack some snacks with you and I trust you on how you handle your rubbish. Just remember, leave your snacks and even your soft drinks in your car or boat when you know of places with the Long Tailed-macaques. Their Boss is often watching YOU and your food!


  1. yes, the girls (H, WY, etc) and I remember vividly being robbed by a monkey at Batu Caves when we were teenagers. They saw me carrying a packet of biscuits and they came up and grabbed it from me. Scary stuff. hehe


    1. Hi TC,
      I think I was there with all of you too! I remember one of you passed a plastic bag of food to me and i have to quick stuffed it into my day pack.
      After so many years of understanding monkeys' behavior and yet people still love to feed them. That I don't understand.

  2. wow! this is such beautiful sight, so much different when i was there during the public holidays.. i must go there again during non public holidays or weekend.. too crowded during the holidays, hate it!

  3. As a frequent forest hiker, I've got many memorable moments of sprinting down the trails pursued by an armed (i.e. fanged) gang of Macaques! These aren't natural behaviour unfortunately, as the "do not feed signs" would have explained....

    In another note, you can always easily distinguish popular waterfalls with pristine ones. Popular waterfalls often smells of rotting meat and urine while pristine ones have that beautiful sweet, refreshing smell.

    1. Hi JK,
      On the island, one can notice the different behavior of macaques in different location. Groups of macaques in touristic places are more daring and aggressive than those groups of macaques in least touristic spots.


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