Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Ramblings

Into the rainforest I explored today ... just to fill my lungs with fresh air and needed some boost for my dying brain cells. I realised that it has been some time since my last post on this blog. Busy is the word, lazy is the reason and unmotivated is the ultimate truth. By getting out there and being out here in search of getting some sort of inspiration for the next blog post.

My ramblings today while walking through my imaginary world of Pandora.

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The start of the climb was normal and I needed to slow down even before the twenty minutes crept in. Abnormal. My legs muscles surely needed some form of physiotherapy because I busted my left knee - again. But this time, the pain on my left knee now is different - felt like the ligament needed the extra stretch... and it stretch slightly over the limit.

"EEEkkkWWAAKKK"... and then "whoosh-whoosh"...that certainly has woken up one plug of my senses. OMG... the "Mountain Banshee" !! (from the movie Avatar)...

They were alarmed by my presence even though they were high up on the canopy. Always vigilant against their number one public enemies, the hunters and poachers. Three Great hornbills flying over and hopping from one tree to another. People who came with me previously wanted to see them and the hornbills were invisible. But today, when I am alone, they revealed.... The Great Hornbills (Buceros bicornis), they always put a smile on my weary face.

One step after another as I climbed...
At times I wonder why am I continuing to post on this blog. What do I get out of writing and posting them? Nope...I ain't getting paid for writing all these with my own time. Will the locals here care if the whole Langkawi has no more wildlife and just the human monkeys running around? Will the locals here fight and defend the last tree standing on the island if it will be chopped down for someone's villa? You probably agree with me, no? Why am I still spending time on this? Should I stop wasting my time? hmm... Na... not yet. Since I have started this and I have unfinished business. But I will crawl till I drop... or until someone delivers a bullet into me..
 Though we had picked up a couple of bullet shells months ago and yet three more appeared. Illegal hunters and poachers up on their sleeves again
Looking at these forest termites at work, they seemed to be aimless... chew, chew chew...bite bite bite aimlessly. Yet they have a direction after that. What about me? Where am I heading to? Where's my direction? I am now back at my life's crossroad.
An army of forest termites eating hard

Aimless I am... at times... I am not focusing where I am going when the road ahead seems blur and there are hidden opportunities until I stumbled upon them and oppss...too late..   I accidentally stepped on land snails. Not my fault...they were under the leaf litters and well camouflaged!

One of the three land snails I accidentally "penyet" (flatten)...very sorry!

Amazingly, this "penyet" land snail was still alive and crawling
 I managed to spot one without having to "penyet" it. What a lovely gastropod!

I must be busy like those forest termites, productive and really must start on what I should be doing - working on my personal website. It has been overdue for one year now. Juggling between this blog and that website in which I yet to start, how I wish a single day can be more than 24hours! Feeling so burnout and doing nothing is really doing something! 

Musing while fixing my eyes on these trees... I pondered upon the several failed attempts to look for a place which I can call "My Home Sweet Home". A nice decent house or apartment is becoming less affordable for a below-average wage earner like me. The influx of these foreigners/expats buying properties in Malaysia and the speculation has turned the prices shooting sky high! Thanks to our government for failing to protect the welfare of its own people. In a way, if you are not a millionaire - you can kiss "a nice decent home" goodbye! Yes, yes...this happens globally, I know. Should I convert to Muslim and this will not help me to purchase a land with a title for Bumi either. So much for 1Malaysia! Boo! 
... I might as well become a tree and live amongst them..

My long lost friend! ... In fact, I have been yearning to see this old friend on this walk and walla... there you are.. "ye still digging and rolling the old shit?"
The strongest insect in the world - The Dung Beetle

A "slave" rolling and pushing the shit hard... but for a dung beetle, that is it's way of life and it loves every minute of this shitty job

While photographing the dung beetle at work and inhaling the fresh stinking dung, a new friend came along. It seemed to be walking aimlessly but in fact, it was charging aimlessly. Scorpions can deliver nasty stings when provoked. 
A scorpion in "fish eye" effect

Humans can be nasty and I have met many species alike in my years of working in various industries. They, including myself, have an innate character of being a bully. The unsecured ones will display their bullying character loudly and while the placid ones are able to make a choice to be a bully or not. I am learning to be like a Scorpion...ready to strike when bullied or provoked...  I am still in my process of sharpening my skills to stand my ground and articulate my emotions at the right moment. But sometimes, I failed. And when I succeeded,  some people are sour grapes...and blood-suckers.. a leech here
My true friends have advised me to be thankful...and I ought to feel blessed. Probably because they felt I am blessed to be able to walk into a rainforest, amongst the giant trees and surrounded by singing cicadas while they are on their desk during weekdays from 9-5 answering phone calls and watching the time clicking slowly. But hey, I work on all weekends.
  Indeed is a blessing to be part of Pandora forest

In the end, you will say that I am writing talking rubbish... and yes, as I have put all these "rubbish" I have collected in a bag. And speaking of rubbish... I recently observed the annual general meeting of the Malaysian Nature Society Langkawi chapter (election for the next committee) and it was the worst AGM I ever attended. Dirty and full of rubbish... buying votes and rounding up his cronies... I will not be part of MNS Langkawi for now. And it doesn't really matter to this newly elected committee if there is one or two members less from the group. There are always alternatives to promote conservation and not only MNS Langkawi. I prefer to work with those who are real activists rather than those sitting on a position for name sake... or just wanting the face to be on newspaper or TV, a celebrity wannabe.
 This bag of rubbish is out of the rainforest and it is in a place where it belongs - The Bin

Ta for wasting time reading this ...  you are my friend indeed :)


  1. You are not talking rubbish, dear Friend. Sometimes, we need to let it all out and after writing this, I am sure you should feel much better. Everywhere around the world deals with the same stuff. The grass seems greener on the other side but everywhere is the same. As long as you do your own thing and is happy with what you do, that is all that matters. I love how you have pictures of the insects and creatures that show the feelings that you are talking about. Langkawi is a better with you there as their secret guardian angel.


    1. Hi TC,
      You are my friend indeed for reading this post ... :)
      Thanks for your comments here. All these pictures on this post were taken on the same day itself. The pictures were put together to form "My Ramblings".
      ...sigh... I am not sure if I am the rightful guardian angel for Langkawi. In fact, there are many people out here wants to be guardian angels. I am just a small fly...buzzz buzzz

  2. I really like those picture of you. I never expect it was a snail . .cool . . .
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    1. Thank you Flogistix for dropping by My Ramblings. Glad you like those pictures. The rewards for being out there in the forest... bugs and leeches :)

  3. I share TC's views too. This isn't random ramblings, it's an honest commentary on all things personal and societal!

    Aha, the penyet snail! It won't survive long, unfortunately. A couple of minutes to an hour at the longest? or it might just end up in some observant bird's stomach!

    That large snail is left-handed and lives under leaf litter, distinct charcteristics that can only belong to one genus in Langkawi-Dyakia. In this case, I'm pretty confident as it's Dyakia salangana as it is common in neighbouring Thailand.

    Wikipedia has a good photo to compare:

    Thanks for the heads up! And keep exploring! :)

    1. Hi JK,
      Many many thanks for this "penyet" snail id. I know... i was the predator for this poor snail :P. Do they have a common name?

      Thanks again JK, i know I can count on you :) Another post coming up... "Spidey snail"

  4. No problem! :) It don't seem to be a common name, unfortunately. But you can definitely create one based on the scientific name. Translating word-for-word would give us "Salang Dyak Snail"? (Salang=a place in Thailand; Dyak=the generic description of Bornean natives after which the genus is named)


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