Saturday, June 16, 2012

True "Navis" On Our Planet

Some of you may have watched this documentary and for me, today was my first time watching this episode. From this YouTube link, this is the 16th episode of the entire documentary, The Human Planet. 

Watch how a Daddy risks his life catching fishes for his family by walking on a tight cable above the raging river only wearing a pair of flip flop. The tight rope is the only access to the other side so he could get the migatory fishes to feed his family. And some of us complains about fishy smelly fish on the plate.

Watch how a Daddy takes his children to school by walking for six days traversing on ice, snow and the danger of avalanches. And some of us including myself, complained about going to school everyday.

Watch sustainable hunting for river turtles by these brave women bringing food on the table.

Above all, this image below is the top of my favorites, the Living Root Bridges of Meghalaya, my dream world and my real "Pandora Planet" .
Photo: Double Decker living tree root bridge, Nongriat Village, Meghalaya, India One special root bridge, believed to be the only one of its kind in the world,
Image shared from a Facebook page Lets speak India

I am amazed with this group of human endeavors for their daily survival and living in harmony with nature and its environment. They have demonstrated treating Mother Nature with utmost respect.

Watch on, click this YouTube - The Human Planet Part 16

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  1. wow....really nice bridge of your photo . .cool... love it..


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