Thursday, September 29, 2011

Down-to-Earth Door Gift

We often notice a lot of banners will be put up whenever there are events or public announcements. Much funds were used up for such and where do banners ended up to in the end?

The landfill, of course. While some of the banners will be used as sitting mats for camping or picnicking. As for myself, if I love that event so much that the banner itself will be sitting comfortably in my living room as interior decoration. Like this one here below:

While the genius ones will convert such banners into more practical use? Such as?

The green lady of Langkawi, Puan Zuraidah or Kak Zu, have read about making banners into something else. 

The synergy between Kak Zu and Kelab Amal Wanita Langkawi has result to this little practical product. Some members from the club did the sewing and on a good day, this little product was dropped at my doorstep.  
A shopping bag made from an old banner

The neat and secured seams. Durable indeed! It is washable and will not disintegrate after washing unlike those reusable shopping bag made from Non-Woven Polypropylene. The banner bag definitely weighs heavier. A heavier bag for a heavy duty use.

The banner shopping bag is definitely more lasting than the ordinary reusable shopping bag made from Non-Woven Polypropylene (picture above). 

Kak Zu managed to obtain the used banners from the Langkawi council and only a limited number of such bags were produced. The volunteers from Kelab Amal Wanita did a brilliant job and may they will continue to produce such "super shopping bags".

Kak Zu, thank you ya... for this pretty door gift. 


  1. Hi WChinner,

    That's a great idea! Besides being environmental friendly (and raising environmental consiousness), it can also potentially create an industry for making bags out of reusable materials and even stimulate local employment opportunities. Looks like we have a win-win situation here. :)


  2. Hi JK,
    Yes, you are right on spot there about providing opportunities local employment or even small business. All thanks to our genius lady, Kak Zu!


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