Saturday, September 10, 2011

Datai Forest of Langkawi Soon Be A Goner

"I will not be coming back to Datai resort anymore", said a returned Datai guest who was on her second stay a month ago. Her first experience in Datai Resort was ten years back and she found the place absolutely tranquil, balanced with nature.

She told me that on her second visit this time, she saw that there were more villas as compared to ten years ago. After witnessing the start of new development in Datai Resort, she was disgusted with the upcoming of fourteen villas and cutting of trees in the forest to accommodate another massive project by the Khazanah group.

I shared the same sentiments with her.

The Datai rainforest is unique because of its lush greenery on Malaysia's oldest land formation  which is the Machinchang Range.
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Tourists have asked me if there are any protection to this rainforest since Langkawi is a UNESCO's Geopark site?

My answer will always be Yes and No. I will leave my comments out from this post for now. 

I just want to post khazanah's evil Teluk Datai development plan on Machinchang in expense of her rainforest and our public's fund.
Overall khazanah's development plan

Hillside along the road

Hillside along the Datai Road, more bungalow villas

Development next to Andaman Resort, Shangrila will be the next one coming

ppsssttt... from the grapevine, these new villas will be equipped with modernized and computerised toilets. The bowl cover will be lifted up on it's own. Wow! no wonder these villas will cost more than couple of million ringgits each!

Development of 14 luxurious villas, the first stage, have started

 Wish I can throw a grenade on this one

A part of rainforest been sliced open

How conservation on Langkawi is possible when an island like this is perceived as underdeveloped by some of the influential businessmen and politicians? I understand that development is inevitable especially when it comes to eco-tourism, there must be a balance between development and conservation of the natural heritage. How much can one take and retain? How much development is considered as enough when Langkawi's attraction is her natural beauty, wildlife and her biodiversity? These greedy people just don't get it! They are breaking the rice bowl of the island.


  1. Luxurious accommodation n its development is fueled by demand. If demand stops supply stops. How many so-called nature loving tourists actually seek back-to-basics holidays? They want their aircond rooms with jacuzzi, astro, fancy toilets n piña coladas by d infinity pool. Pauline

  2. Hi Pauline,
    There are many nature loving tourists out there seeking back-to-basic holidays or I would say, nature loving tourists spending their holidays in a protected natural heritage with sustainable development.
    Unfortunately, Langkawi is slowly being turned into an island for the rich. It is already happening now. The beautiful beaches and the lush greenery rainforest are confined to luxurious resorts.
    Simply to say, if one wants to relax in such natural environment, you have to pay a lot of $$$. In future, there is no such thing as nature for all. No $$$ = no nature.
    Unless, there is a National park on Langkawi. But for now, there are no plans for such.

  3. 'Economic growth and expansion in China and South-East Asia should not come at the expense of “the wonders of the natural world”, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.'

    Say one thing, do another. Do what I say, but cannot say what I do.

  4. Hi Anonymous Oct22;
    Thanks for sharing the info. That's so true indeed.


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