Sunday, January 31, 2010

Smoke Above Kilim

Dry season here means open burning!?

Hey Langkawians! Did anyone of you spot this?

I did. With my guests. We were on the coast by boat at 3pm yesterday and I spotted this smoke coming from Kilim area.
Burning of land to clear for development? or for agriculture? Someone chucked a cigarette butt over dried vegetation?
Whatever the reasons, this sighting is disturbing not only to me and also to my guests aka tourists...


  1. The Dept of Environment has a branch office in Langkawi. Perhaps you could give them a call and tell them about the burning.

  2. Hi Dr Monyet;
    Thank you for your tips.

    I have only one concern in mind with regards to this Dept of Environment. Are they still functioning?
    I have seen signboards of their location and yet again, Are they functioning?? Rampant open burnings are everywhere on the island. Oh well, will give them a chance anyhow.

    We also have the Wildlife Department and yet again, are they effective? Poachers are seen over and over again within the same area.

    There is also Pejabat Perhutanan (Forestry Department) and yet again, Do they exist? Trees are being cut in the forest that are reserved!

    These two departments above constantly have an excuse of saying "Tak cukup staff" whenever the public reported an issue and to followup on it. So to say that the lions are gone, it is monkeying time.


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