Thursday, January 14, 2010

News from Singapore on Dolphin Project in Awana Porto Malai

This dolphin project news was highlighted to Ria of Wild Shores of Singapore blog and indeed this news is not new at all. 
In December 2008, Eleven Solomon dolphins were reported to be sent to Resorts World Sentosa Island of Singapore and more are coming. Prior to arriving to Singapore, these dolphins were sent to Philippines to undergo trainings. Wonderfully, there are activist groups who are strongly against this dolphin trade and the battle is still on. 
Read more on Ria's reports on dolphins in Resort World at this link.

I must admit that the source I received with regards to this project came from a worker at site. When he mentioned the dolphins are coming from America, I was doubtful. After reading some of the reports, this has led me to wonder:
1) If those dolphins were really from America or Solomon Islands, why bother bringing these dolphins all the way up north to Langkawi?? It is a huge distance!
2) Resorts World Sentosa and Awana Porto Malai are both under the same umbrella ie. Genting Groups of Malaysia. Now you see the link! Probably the waters in Langkawi is more conducive than the waters near Sentosa Island to perform the acclimatisation program?
3) Will some of these dolphins go to Langkawi's Underwater World too?? I hope not!

This is an old debate about of having wild dolphins in captivity for educational purpose and seeing them in the wild. Education is important and this is why homo sapiens set up zoos. Where do we draw the line? What I really despise most is when dolphins are exploited for entertainment purpose! Just like our long-tailed macaques in our mangroves!

It is best to see them in the wild like this: Langkawi's Indo-Pacific dolphins Caught in video

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