Monday, April 22, 2013

Face Of Climate Change In Langkawi

Earth day for 2013 is on Monday, 22nd April. The global theme for Earth day this year is: The Face of Climate Change.

The link to this video is here

Will the face of climate change be increased for our beloved island or the other way around?

While I do not have the answer for now, I wonder if we will face adverse climate condition here or will we affect the other parts of the planet?

Langkawi is struggling to save her own rainforest and now she is completely helpless in the current state of her remaining original habitat.

These recent photos were taken along the path of the new road which is now being built between Telaga Harbour and Mutiara Bay at Pantai Kok.

A "Rockblaster"

Development benefits the economic for the island. However, where do we draw the line between over developed and being sustainable? Langkawi is a preferred holiday destination because of her rainforest and the wildlife. I want to see genuine nature-loving tourists returning to Langkawi for her natural beauty and being respectful with her environment.

Multi-billionaire companies will tell the world that they will replant the trees after the development of a virgin rainforest. You and I know that replanting trees will never be the same as the original state. And yet, most of us accept the fact that the act of replanting trees is better than nothing. And yet, it is still not the same.

Rest in peace to those fallen trees .... and Happy Earth Day all!

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Langkawi, March 28: The Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) made a major announcement today to lease the land surrounding Burau Bay Resort to Syarikat Benua Mahsuri Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of Tradewinds Corporation) for the development of a luxury hotel.

The land in the lease agreement is for 36.7 acres of LADA-owned land officially designated as H.S(D) 3/96 Lot 1718 in the Padang Mat Sirat district.The land was originally developed in 1991 by Syarikat Pernas OUE (Langkawi) Sdn Bhd, who built Burau Bay Resort. After the lease expired in 2000, LADA gave the management of the land and resort to Syarikat LADA-Eco Tourism for 10 years. The decision to lease the land to Syarikat Benua Mahsuri was actually made last year, but discussions to finalize the details of the development were only completed recently.

Syarikat Benua Mahsuri plans to build an upscale hotel with an eco-resort concept, complete with a high-end spa and top-notch luxury facilities. The project is expected to attract more affluent travelers to Langkawi and to increase per capita income for tourism. The hotel will also provide more than 400 new jobs.

Project development is in accordance with initiatives 4 and 5 of the Langkawi Tourism Blueprint, which targets the beautiful northwest region of the island for the development of more ultra-luxurious resorts to attract the wealthiest and biggest-spending world travellers to Langkawi within the next few years. Additionally, this development will help address the shortage of rooms in Langkawi during peak season.

The lease agreement was signed by LADA CEO, the Honourable Tan Sri Khalid Bin Ramli, and witnessed by Y.Bhg Dato’ Fauziah Bt Yaacob, Board Member and LADA Director. Signing for Syarikat Benua Mahsuri was Tradewinds Corporation CEO Mr Shaharul Farez Hassan and witnessed by Dato 'Aziz Bin Shahar, Corporate Advisor to the Al-Bukhary Group.

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