Saturday, September 8, 2012

Where's My "Real Rain"?

We are now in the month of September. And yes, it is still the raining season. Supposedly. And yet, where is the real rain??? 

What is the "real rain" to me? A "real rain" in Langkawi to me means a minimum of three days of non-stop rain. It will start with a heavy downpour and then slow down to drizzle for awhile and then heavy downpour again. This cycle will go on till night and then the next day and the next day... and another day till the rain stops completely. With such rainfall for such duration, there will be flash floods on some areas. This is normal for the island every year.

Looking back a year ago, especially towards the end of August 2011, Langkawi has five days of continuous rain. Yes, it was non-stop! The glorious rain also turned Temurun into glorious waterfall. I was there last year during the five days rain and check out these pictures below.

A year later and twelve days after 25th August 2011, I was at Temurun Waterfall. Click below for more...

Such mild rain was not enough to create a full blast for this waterfall

August this year was hot and humid. There was a big rain with strong wind on August 24th 2012 and it lasted for one day only. And then the weather turned hot again the next day until August 27th afternoon when the heavy rain came. But it was only for that evening. The next day, the rain came in the morning until late afternoon. And then hot hot hot!! I recorded a temperature of 34deg Celsius on September 3rd 2012.

While out at sea on the boat, a sudden change from a calm cloudy morning to rainy afternoon on September 5th and 6th 2012!! I took the opportunity to capture the moments of stunning storm clouds.

It was kind of non-stop and it was a bit generous by giving short breaks in between. Two days of rain... and only two days!! Two days of mild rain and the rain clouds disappeared rapidly. And so it was back to normal clear blue skies with some white clouds today... boring..

Here I am pondering if the global climate change has anything to do such weather patterns. I am anticipating for the "real rain" for a normal rainy season. 


  1. yes, the global weather has gone nuts. No longer reliable. News reports of the disappearing ice blocks/sheets in the north are scary.

    Hey, do u have any pantangs that you say/do when/before you go into the forests? That would make an interesting read.


    1. Hi TC,
      The global climate change is real for sure. This place is getting too hot to live in. Thank goodness for the rainy season... really hate when the dry season returns.
      yes, got some pantangs... but not a lot. But the most pantang to observe is when we go pee! I got one story that we got lost in the jungle... hmm will think about how to write it.

  2. That picture of Temurun is mind-blowing, Dreamer. It is brimming with the euphoria of the wet season!

    No doubt climate change is already occurring. Mitigating climate change seems increasingly out of reach now. We're all now faced with only one last choice-adaptation.

  3. Hi JK,
    Great to see you back here, JK!

    Adaptation, yes. As our climate gets hotter and humans will install more and powerful air-condition thus increasing the impact to the global warming...well done homosapiens!

    Btw, would you mind to have a look at my previous blog, The Ramblings and see if you help to id the snail that I "penyet"? Thanks much.


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