Saturday, May 12, 2012

Langkawi Got Crocodile ar?


Crocodylus porosus

Where did I spot this wild crocodile? Somewhere in the mangroves... and I cannot tell you the exact location. This was my first time seeing a wild crocodile in the mangroves and indeed it was thrilling!  

If tourist guides or operators tell you that there are no crocodiles in Langkawi, they are just kidding.


  1. Wow! Good to hear there's still crocs there (pardon the irony)! This is indeed a rare sight I've been yearning to set my eyes on!

    Did chat with locals the last time I was in Langkawi. They said more than two generations ago, there were many crocs lining along the coastal creeks. But they haven't seen one in their lifetime so far.

    1. Hi JK,
      Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I was told the same thing as well by the locals. The confusing part is the different version/stories from different people in this local community.

      The true fact is the crocs here will be shot or caught if they are spotted.

  2. Hi Dreamer,
    Crocodile found in Langkawi does not belong here. It escaped from Corcodile Park not far from where it is found now.

    1. Hi Adry@Daun,
      Thanks for joining in this blog space.

      I get different versions from different people here. Some said that the crocs were originally here. And some said that the crocs may be introduced on island long time ago before the Crocodile park was here. Which is which? and there is no documentation, are there?

      Yes, years ago, some escaped from the Croc park and most of them were either caught or shot. As for this one here shown on the picture, is hard to tell if she is an escapee or not. Only DNA test will reveal the truth. Since this one here is out in the wild, is considered as the wild croc.

      Btw, do mind if I get in touch with you via email. I see that you are also a naturalist on Langkawi and would like to stay in touch to discuss conservation matters on the island. Cheers.

  3. And noone ever will know which of the stories told are true...

    Langkawi the Island of the legends ;-)

    1. To Anonymous May 14th;
      LOL! Your comments may be the real facts.

      The real fact now is that they are out there. How many? Don't know.

  4. Whatever it is, you better be careful when you are out kayaking alone.


  5. Hi...I stumbled upon this post while searching for recent sightings of crocodiles (wild) in Langkawi. A couple of years ago I received a photo of an adult crocodile swimming in the ocean off the coast of Langkawi. Historically saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) were abundant on Pulau Langkawi and were responsible for fatal attacks, clear into the 1960's. They are indeed native to the island, there is just no longer a functioning population there. Itinerants (such as the one swimming in the ocean) are likely to come by on occasion. Saltwater crocodiles can travel thousands of miles at sea in search of new habitat and there are areas near Langkawi (e.g. Sumatra, the Linggi-Rembau Estuary of Negeri Sembilan, the Andaman Islands) which all still hold breeding saltwater crocodile populations, so occasional wanderers are likely.


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