Monday, February 6, 2012

Can Langkawi Retain Her Spot As The Top 10 Beaches In The World?

The National Geographic reported that Langkawi was at No. 9 as the top 10 beaches in the world last year. What about now? National Geographic Top 10 Beaches link here

Thank goodness that our local newspaper has finally revealed the real happenings in Langkawi. This is a stern calling for the authorities here to buckle up, get back to work and less patronising to the local "teh-tarik" stalls during their work hours. 

This article below was written by Sharanjit Singh of New Straits Times.  It is very rare that our big local newspaper company would publish such a thing.  Bravo Sharanjit!

Let's hope Sharanjit will also touch on Langkawi's wildlife killings/poaching and illegal deforestation. From now on, we shall see if the authorities here will response to this.

THE authorities may like to think of it as "Langkawi Permata Kedah" (Langkawi the pearl of Kedah), but the goings-on at some of the major attractions on the island are putting off visitors.
Even the people involved in the tourism sector have voiced concern that the island's allure as a premier destination was going downhill as reflected in the many negative comments posted on

( is a premier travel review website which many tourists refer to before deciding on their holiday destinations.)

Langkawi's reputation has been further dented following the recent brutal attack on an elderly German couple as they were taking a leisurely stroll along the main road of Pantai Tengah.

The couple was attacked at a dark spot along the main road and locals here claimed the street lights in the area had been out of order for several weeks.

"This is among the main tourism spots on the island and yet the authorities seem to be really laid back in maintaining even the most basic of public amenities like street lighting.

"The attack on the German couple may have been an isolated incident, but one can only imagine the kind of negative press the island is going to get when the news hits the travel community," a local restauranteur, who declined to be named, said.
Over at Pantai Cenang on the west coast of Langkawi, the once serene and picturesque spot has been turned into a "beachfront highway". Watersport operators and beachboys can be seen driving their four-wheel drive vehicles and motorcycles, zooming back and forth towing jetskis and other watersports equipment all day long.

"It is like this every day, the 4WD vehicles and motorcycles are driven recklessly with little regard to those enjoying a lazy day at the beach.

"We have complained to the local authorities about what is happening here many times but everybody seems to be oblivious to it all," said a motel operator at Pantai Cenang.

 A Swiss visitor, who wished to be identified as Marcus, said he and his wife were baffled how such vehicles could be allowed to turn the beachfront into their private highway.

"I have travelled extensively, but this is the first time I am seeing such a thing happening right on the beach," he said.

Among comments posted on tripadvisor about the goings-on at Pantai Cenang, included one from an Australian tourist who said: "A friend of mine stayed there back in October and was not impressed.

"He mentioned the fact that the beach in front had many 4WD driving along it and that it was quite noisy."

Langkawi Tourism Association deputy chairman Pishol Ishak said it was obvious that the beachfront should be free of all the "nonsense".
However, he said, the authorities seem to be turning a blind eye to the blatant disregard to safety and encroachment of vehicles onto the beachfront.

"It is obvious they don't seem to care what is going on. This can only be a bad thing for us all," he said.

Story of the attack of elderly German couple here: Let's Keep Langkawi Magical


  1. Yes, bravo to Sharanjit! That's the reality! Destruction of the forests, poaching of wildlife... the list goes on! More of these articles are needed and hopefully these local authorities will be put to the task!


    1. Sharanjit wrote the latest article and this time is about the shooting/killing of Dusky Langurs.

  2. As I am also a tourist I can tell you that the noise of the many jetskis is also very disturbing especially as it is mostly the owners and their friends that run arrount to attract customers and is getting worse every year!! The best time on the beach is early morning before all this starts.

    1. Hi Kat,
      Thanks for your input. I am not really a big fan of tripadvisor, however, your comments in there will somehow helps.

  3. Visitors are going to be put-off in high numbers if this continues.

    Why does Langkawi keep losing its code of conduct and basic courtesy to visitors?

    1. Hi JK,
      Great to see you back!

      I am so "proud" to say, Langkawi is having leaders or authorities that lack the common sense and basic courteous not only to the visitors but to the environment as well :)


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