Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mangroves Flora of Langkawi

The long awaited guide book on mangroves flora of Langkawi is now made available to the public.  

When Dr Wan Juliana handed me a copy of her first newly published book, I was ecstatic.

Starting from the definition of mangroves to the botanical name of plants species in Langkawi's mangroves. A total of 76 species in 58 genera and 35 families were recorded by Dr Wan Juliana and her team, which made Langkawi the highest mangroves diversity of plants in Malaysia. 

All plants were arranged according to the scientific names and the best of all, this book was written in English. Local or Malay names are also included for each species of plant.

Congratulations to Dr Wan Juliana and her team. And of course, many thanks for this wonderful New Year gift, Dr Wan. 

With the help of this book, I hope I will not bug Dr Wan so much now in asking for the mangroves flora identification. What I really love to see in future would be a complete mangroves flora and fauna of Langkawi.


  1. Looks good - Is there anywhere in Langkawi I can buy this book??

  2. Hi Marc,
    I'm afraid i yet to see it on sale in Langkawi. Perhaps in Penang eg. MPH or POPULAR bookstores?

  3. good job! looks like i have to persuit myself out of langkawi to go MPH or POPULAR


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