Saturday, January 1, 2011

Langkawi Nature From Our Lenses Throughout 2010

After cracking my head for hours in search for lines and words that would describe the condition of Langkawi's natural heritage for the year 2010, I still couldn't find the words to make up for this blog post. At the same time, I am feeling exhausted to write about it. 

In the end, I surrender to what I have to support my thoughts in replace of words...

1. Langkawi - The Good & Glorious Wonders....

Check out who are the good guys, ugly ones and the bad guys...

Thumbs up to some of the authorities, NGOs and individuals for taking positive actions...

2. Langkawi - The Ugly Ones...
If the Fisheries Department (Jabatan Perikanan) is not earning anything from allowing the Solomon dolphins to be kept in Langkawi's waters, it is about time that they should start charging the "parking fees"

3. ..and Langkawi - The Bad Guys...

My question is, "Is Langkawi's protection to her natural heritage on the losing end?" 

Since the launch of the Care2: Online petition to conserve Langkawi's remaining rainforest in May 2010, the number of signatures only stands at #428 as at December 24th 2010 . This is shockingly slow as the ultimate goal is to gather up to 3000 signatures. Can anyone help to speed this up? You can click here


  1. Hi WChinner,

    Thank you for rounding up all the ups and downs of the turbulent 2010 in a Langkawian's perspective! I agree that more needs to be done of people's support for a sustainable Langkawi.

    And by the way, Thank You for placing the humble (and often overlooked) landsnail as part of Langkawi's treasured wildlife! :)


  2. Thank you for checking in, JK.

    As always, great to hear from you, Siput Sifu!


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