Sunday, November 7, 2010

Two New Babes

What is this book all about? Well, the title description says it all.  To those who are interested in our natural history and what the future holds for us in related to our 100-million year old ecosystem, this may be the one for you! 

The publication was in year 2007 and I may be outdated in getting this book now. Well, I didn't know about this book until I went shopping in BookXcess bookstore in Amcorp Mall, PJ. So, what made me bought it? A chapter on Elephants, Dung Beetles and Ecosystems! And the next best part is the cost of this book is only RM17.90 at BookXcess bookstore. The stock is very limited. You can check out the contents of this book here.

I wish to take the opportunity to inform my readers here that BookXcess will be having a warehouse sale from November 12th-17th 2010 at South City Plaza (I have no idea where this place is) or go check out this website: 

Here's another babe...
by James V. LaFrankie, JR.

The book above contains technical stuffs on Asia's rainforest trees and this book was launched in August 2010. Therefore it is not available at all at BookXcess. Cost? Don't ask. But it is worthwhile to have it in my shelf as a reference book. Many thanks to Chew MY for getting this book for me at launching and had the author to sign on the book.

Yippee!! Two new babes added on to my collection today.

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