Saturday, October 2, 2010

Temporary Blog Out

Dear blog followers and readers;
My personal blogging partner has decided to opt for a vacation and leaving the other partner in the "dark". Production is kind of slow recently but now is even slower. Slow like a snail but production is surely progressing. 

Thank you for all your patience. 

I am pondering now "What is life without a laptop?"

A pathetic situation when lifestyle has depended on my laptop to facilitate my hobbies, work and studies. It really feels like one part of your life is missing. How gosh... I had became attached.

Finally my thirty five months old Toshiba Satellite decided to demand for a rest! It has been giving annoying problem at bootup by beeping for ten seconds before displaying this message:

Choose an operating system to start, our press TAB to select a tool:

To specify an advanced option for the choice, press F8

After searching for solutions on this error, the tech guy suggested the keyboard was the problem. And yes indeed as I detected the combination of two keys are not working. The good news is that it is still under warranty. 

My laptop is on mainland while I will be contributing my $$$ to the local cyber shop and sitting in those smelly room.

So instead of groaning and moaning, I now look at the bright side:

Less blogging = Less late nights= More hours of sleep

Early to bed =Less pimples and acne

Less sitting on my sofa and typing away = More pumping and workout = Less flabs on my tummy

Opening and reading my books = Reducing dust collection on my shelf

Owling = Healthier late nights

WE (me and my lappie) WILL BE BACK IN A WHILE... 

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