Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Who Says Malaysians Have "Tidak Apa" Attitude?

Malaysians are very well known for our "Tidak Apa" attitude (light-hearted or inattentive) or "Never mind-lah". Or some Malaysians will say, "Cin Cai-lah". Simple examples such as double parking, parking in front of someone's else house, littering, using too much water unnecessarily or not wearing safety helmets while riding motorbikes. 

I spotted a very rare sight this evening on our road especially on Langkawi. This has proven that not all Malaysians have "Tidak Apa" attitude.   

I drove past them and I just had to stop to take their pictures. I stopped my car beside the road and got my camera ready. The "father" looked at me as I was smiling and he smiled back.

What made me want to take their pictures?

The fact that they actually care about their safety on the road, which is a very rare sight on Langkawi. Both parents had bicycle helmets on and the little girl as well. And the home made small plastic chair for the little girl amazed me.

I noticed the little girl was very near to the back of her father and I saw her nodding off as I past them. The best thing was the safety belt strapped on her so she can continue dozing without falling off.
Picture of the home made chair (zoomed in)
Well done to this family. Great role models! I hope I will get to meet them again and have a chat. Any Langkawians out there know who they are? 

On the note, I am very sure they were Malaysians. For a start, they looked like one of us.


  1. Safety of children is often neglected in Malaysia. It is common to see parents on motorcycles with helmets but the child riding pillion without any protection.

    Kudos to this family.

  2. Yes.. indeed this is a rare sight in Malaysia, Monyet King.

  3. Ahhh... need to discuss with my mate regarding this mode of transport. Trying to convince her that we really can live without a car! at least before we start a family.. and this photo shows that even up to that point, it still is possible! ~weee

  4. Hi Raoul;
    Go take her on interesting beautiful spots on bicycle. Hopefully that would help her to gain interest and appreciate nature.

    Welcome back to the blog... glad to hear from you again, you were missing in action for awhile.

  5. Great website on Langkawi! Sorry I stumbled on this through my good friend KB! That is not a home-made chair, it's a bicycle seat for children. They typically come with a 5 point harness (like in a stroller) and have "foot rest" which would not happen with a plastic chair. They're not cheap either. I've got one for my baby as well which we have at the front of the bike - he's one year old, and yes he's belted and helmeted. Including the dad who rides the bike. Have to lah....nanti regret.

  6. Hi Mammagoogoo;
    Oh... that chair indeed did look like a home made one. Probably looked like cheap plastic.

    Many thanks for sharing this and educating us that this "chair" is actually being sold in the market. May i ask, how much does one cost?


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