Tuesday, April 20, 2010

M's Dedication to this Kitty

M missed the bus in registering herself in Monyet King's Tiger Blogfest, which is still running now till April 23rd 2010. She requested me to publish her piece of art for this little Kitty.

Tiger!  Tiger!  What would you do!
There is no jungle, you're now in a zoo.
People walk by to look and stare.
You yawn and snooze because you don't care!

Man have guns and bullets and set traps.
With just bare hands, they would lose in a snap.
They don't fight fair in this killing game.
Instead of pride, they should be in shame!

Tiger!  Tiger!  You are strong!
We hope to get you back where you belong.
We'll keep trying though sometimes in vain.
We feel your plight, we feel your pain!

You want your jungle where you belong.
Where you can hunt and roam all night long!
What if you get hurt or even killed?
In a zoo, you are safe but so not thrilled.

What is life, if there is no strive
Here I wait to be fed
I wait to die
In the Jungle, to be wild and free
Tiger! Tiger! I can then be me!

~ written by M, 20 April 2010

Thank you M for this piece of "picture perfect" poem. Hmmm... I didn't know you can be so poetic. Ahem..hem... M is also my grammar checker service provider.

M owns a blog with her set of fantastic pictures ie Not Just Odonata

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