Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gift from Pandora

"So who am I? I'm a neighbor, a friend, the enemy. I am anonymous. I am invisible. I am everywhere. I shuffle past you in a dense crowd, shoulder to jammed shoulder, unwashed because of the water shortages, stinking and sickly-looking from the bankrupt diet of cheap carbohydrates and synthetic proteins that are all we have left. Like you, I'm trapped in a rat warren of dusty gray concrete; tracked by the omnivorous, all-powerful net; sucking in sulfurous air; badly outnumbered; mostly numbed. I'm scarred, scared, hunted, and all too human."

Did you think it was me? Na... That was an extract from James Cameron's Avatar - An Activist Survival Guide book written by Maria Wilhelm and Dirk Mathison.

Strangely today, my colleague and I were talking about the Avatar movie and I mentioned how I was almost in tears when the Hometree was brought down by the homosapiens.  Later, I found a package in my office's pigeon hole. Guess what?

A James Cameron's Avatar - An Activist Survival Guide book all the way from London, UK. Thank you for the coolest gift, Mr and Mrs Martin Bromfield. Mr & Mrs Bromfield were my guests for one of my nature excursions. I was indeed fortunate to have met them and got to know that Mr Bromfield has a role in part of the production in this Movie of Year (voted by the Environmentalists and Tree Huggers of Planet Earth) - AVATAR.

To the fans of Avatar, this is a cool book. It tells you from A-Z about AVATAR from the air of Pandora right up to its flora and fauna. Having to have read some parts of the topics, the authors were actually warning us about what we are now doing to Mother Earth. Yes, us the homosapiens.

To my friends, if you want to have a look at this book, you got to be extra nice to me ;) As  what Gollum used to say, "My precious..."

To Mr & Mrs Bromfield, thank you very much once again. I didn't expect that you would remember this and it is an honour. As an appreciation, I will buy an original AVATAR DVD for myself when it is available in the market. That will be a small tiny weeny fraction to pay for your next vacation to Langkawi, ya?


  1. Cool...!! I want..!!

  2. Enjoy!!! :-) Sahre your insights in your next blog?

  3. Hey paraglidaholic;
    What you want...? I got a surprise for you before you leave langkawi to sabah. Wait-lah...

    Hi Raoul;
    Thanks..Ha,ha..ha... Can,can.. provided i will not be sued for publishing part of the text from the book...heehee..

  4. Love that film too. Watched it three times in a row!!!


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