Monday, October 5, 2009

There is Light at the End of this Long Tunnel

I was walking towards the stationery shop during the heavy downpour this afternoon. I was passing an eatery shop and then I started drooling over those "evil looking" curry puffs on the metal seive above the big wok with hot oil. Then something else caught my eyes. Brown paper bags!! Wow! I couldn't resist... I couldn't...
This may be an old story but this is my first encounter in Langkawi with a "goreng-goreng" trader using paper bags for takeaways instead of those light green small plastic bags. I have patronised this shop many times and they decided to opt the green way. Good on them!
If you are coming to Kuah town and graving for tasty curry puffs, take a drive to Persiaran Bunga Raya, Langkawi Mall and look for Pustaka Su Sian Yen (stationery shop). The eatery shop is "Kafetaria Ikhsan" which sells rice with selection of Malay dishes (nasi campur) is just next to the stationery shop. You can't miss it, it is just next to each other.
The young boy who sold the curry puffs even asked me if I can just do with the paper bag only. He did not even offer a plastic bag to put the paper bag with the curry puffs. Well done, kiddo!

These curry puffs packed in the paper bag did taste better, no "plastic" flavour. Also, the bag absorbed the extra oil.

This may be a common practise on the mainland, for example on Fraser's Hills, where the goreng pisang stalls are using paper bags for takeaways. I really hope more stalls on Langkawi would follow such example. Perhaps there are and I'm not aware of. If anyone here on this island do know of such stalls, please share with us. We would prefer to patronise stalls that are trying their best to be "Green".

Guess what? I'm seeing light at end of the long tunnel.

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