Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ehh... Where are we? Langkawi or ...?

A friend of mine related this story to me. A foreign couple has to endure 3 different flight connections and a 18-hour journey only to arrive at the Langkawi airport. Feeling really exhausted, they were just looking forward to head directly to their hotel and not wanting to look around the airport. They quickly got a taxi and they were driven towards Pantai Cenang. Arriving at a road junction, the wife got a "jump start" when she saw a huge sign. Without hesitation and showing some worrying signs, she asked her husband "Were we on a correct flight?" Her husband then asked, "Why..?" She answered, "Look at that...!"

Compare size of the advertisement board of Terengganu & Langkawi Lagoon Resort

The taxi driver then quickly assured them that they are on Langkawi. The couple then laughed. What a joke! And indeed... that was just a joke... that was a makeup story... but who knows if such would have happened.

Just imagine if a foreigner who could only read the word "Welcome.." and with the visual help, the foreigner would expect turtles as one of the main attractions in Langkawi. Hello!!? Dead turtles got-lah! I already witnessed two so far in Tanjung Rhu!

Whoever approved such advertisement board, is certainly with a "tong-tong brain". I'm not against promotion of different states in another tourism area. It just I'm sure there are better ways to promote "TERENGGANU" in "LANGKAWI" eventhough I'm neither into advertising industry nor marketing. What really saddens me is how these "tong-tong brain" people in a "tong-tong organisation" spend our hard-earned tax-payers' money. Such fund could be well-used in upkeeping the public toilets and also those in LADA building.
Kedekk... Kedekkk... Tockay.. Tockay...Tockay..............

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